Sanity is Overrated: The podcast for those who juggle it all  Podcast Artwork Image

Sanity is Overrated: The podcast for those who juggle it all

Jennifer Muccioli, Lorelle Riso and Rob McCaffrey

After being classmates as kids Jennifer Muccioli and Rob McCaffrey, reconnect after 15 years of not seeing each other. The result is a hilarious journey through navigating life, love, and the pursuit of food. Twice a month join Jenn, Rob, and Jeff (the AV director that doesn't talk) as they bring you the stories of their ups and downs with life and do it in a style that reassures you that you are not alone. And the food....oh the food! Each episode they are eating something new that they can't wait to share! Available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, iHeartRadio, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Connect with the gang on Instagram @thesanitypodcast.
It is okay to not be okay. Life, sometimes, is really rough. January 17, 2022 Episode artwork Holiday Mash up. What’s in your antipasto? No free pies, Sharon. December 20, 2021 Episode artwork Who is actually in charge here?November 29, 2021 Episode artwork A podcast ménage à trois- you can bet this is NSFWOctober 29, 2021 Episode artwork Dine, Dish and Dash: This episode is TERRIBLE, but the food was delicious. August 17, 2021 Episode artwork "Psst. hey man, you like comedy?" asked the creepy man in Times Square (Feat: Comedian Brendan Ryan) August 10, 2021 Episode artwork You can't be it, if you can't see it. Mini visioning workshop with VisionWorksNY August 03, 2021 Episode artwork Sip back and relax: A wine tasting episode (Clean crafted wine from Scout & Cellar) July 20, 2021 Episode artwork Dine, Dish & Dash- The Mexican Food Episode July 16, 2021 Episode artwork Take a walk down memory lane - TGIF (Friday nights on ABC), Garbage Pail Kids, Bubble tape and Pudgies ChickenJuly 06, 2021 Episode artwork Dine, Dish and Dash: The Southern Speciality Episode June 30, 2021 Episode artwork The story of Rylie; the 10 year old who is teaching us how to live our lives authenticly June 08, 2021 Episode artwork I'll meet you any time you want, In our Italian RestaurantMay 21, 2021 Episode artwork BONUS EPISODE: Dine, Dish and Dash with Rob and Jenn on the STEREO app April 28, 2021 Episode artwork NSFW: Dear Sanity is Overrated, Can you give me some advice? April 20, 2021 Episode artwork BONUS EPISODE: Dine, Dish and Dash with Rob & Jenn on STEREO March 31, 2021 Episode artwork 5 financial tips you need to stay sane in 2021 March 30, 2021 Episode artwork The Hobbyist in all of us and our chat with TattooBobTVMarch 16, 2021 Episode artwork Snacking around the world (spoiler alert: JEFF SPEAKS!)March 02, 2021 Episode artwork What's your love language? Spoiler alert: tacos and emptying the dishwasher February 03, 2021 Episode artwork "Welcome to Crimeville"January 26, 2021 Episode artwork It's our Anniversary! LIVE EpisodeJanuary 08, 2021 Episode artwork The most exciting end to 2020December 29, 2020 Episode artwork BONUS EPISODE: BROADWAY sing-a-long contest December 23, 2020 Episode artwork Grab your jingle bells and get ready to kiss Aunt Millie under the mistletoe! Its our Holiday Party (feat. Lorelle's serial killer cousin....from Sweden)December 15, 2020 Episode artwork